Sony PS3 YLOD (Yellow Light of Death)

The YLOD fault on the Playstation 3 computer was called the “Yellow light of Death” as a nick name for the fault, because the console flashes a yellow light and then the Playstation 3 shuts down and dies on you.

The yellow light on the Sony Playstation console is a none pacific fault indicator, and can be caused by a number  reasons,  after inspecting many consoles our engineers have found that in most cases the cause of the yellow light fault is the solder cracking underneath the BGA chips on the PS3 motherboard. This is due to the high operating temperature of the graphic processing unit and the use of lead free solder, over time the solder begins to crack due to the high temperature, and as a result the PS3 console shuts down.
You will normally hear a few beeps and a flashing light before the PS3 console shuts down, it must be noted that you do not always receive a yellow flashing light before shut down; you can receive a red light as well. If your PS3 console suffers this fault you will not be able to recover the data from the hard drive unless a BGA infra red repair is carried out. (Sony will not recover any data for you from your console).

All data on the hard drive of the Sony Playstation 3 console is encrypted and can only be recovered by repairing the fault on the console, and then using the backup utility in the system settings to transfer the data by USB.


The Sony Corporation released a statement about this fault, after the BBC reported the YLOD fault on their Watchdog program, In Sony’s statement they say, “A reflow of the mother board on the Playstation 3 console can only be done correctly with the BGA infra system”

Penarth Computers use the latest BGA infra red re-work station, to re flow the PS3 mother board. The repair can take two hours to complete.

Penarth Computers recommend that you stay away from amateur methods of repair found on internet, these can only cause more damage to your Sony PS3 console.

Infra red re flow is the only method recommended to repair this fault. We charge £50.00 for a total of 2 hours labour for this service, and can return your Playstation 3 to you within a period of 48 hours.

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