HELP! Computer Virus Removal Cardiff £49.99

Computers Viruses are a real pain.

What’s more, removing computer viruses can be ‘costly’ and time-consuming.

Having a paid anti-virus subscription with Norton Antivirus (Symnatec) or McAfee is highly recommended, however things happen, and sometimes your computer is infected and will NOT do what you want it to.

Removing a virus is not always simple. Most virus’ are advanced and often go along way to prevent users/ computer technicians from removing them (easily at least). It’s not always a case of installing an updated antivirus software package and running a virus scan, IT professionals have many methods and techniques to removing a virus safely without costing the earth to the customer.

If you’ve had enough and feel it’s time to let a professional take a look, Penarth Computers are happy to help.

In 2010, 95% of our customers paid less than £50.00 for virus removal.

Don’t let your computer virus cost you a fortune, contact Penarth Computers today on 02920 219088, or email