Wireless Blank Spots vs Bad Internet Speed

Everyone has experienced it, buffering issues are a serious pain on your patience and can sometimes leave you abandoning your task entirely.

Cardiff Computer Repair

In order to track down your problem you first need to check your Wireless signal strength. If you’re not close enough to the router you’re going to struggle to receive a decent signal and therefore, receive a slow speed.

Depending on the size, and building properties (cement, wall insulation, internal wiring, pipework etc.) of your house you can struggle to receive sufficient enough signal even between floors or rooms. This is different to every household, and therefore some homes may require additional wireless hardware in order to receive a good signal in every room.

There are two solid options in order to resolve dead spot areas in your house where Wireless signal strength is weak. You can use a range extender device, or you can opt for using your existing electrical wiring through your wall plug sockets and create an additional hotspot area.

Both of these tasks are easy to setup and hassle free once configured correctly. Our technicians can resolve your Wireless internet signal issues quickly and effectively for less than £75.00 in the Cardiff and following surrounding areas with no call out charges:

Adamsdown, Birchgrove, Caerau, Canton, Cathays, Coryton, Creigiau, Cyncoed, Ely, Fairwater, Gabalfa, Grangetown, Heath, Lisvane, Llandaff, Llandaff North, Llanedryn, Llanishen, Llanrumney, Pentwyn, Pentyrch, Penylan, Radyr & Morganstown, Rhiwbina, Riverside, Roath, Rumney, Splott, Thornhill, Tongwynlais, Tremorfa. Trowbridge & Whitchurch.


Cardiff Laptop Screen Repair / Replacement

Laptop Screen Repair Cardiff

It’s a common misconception that when the screen on your laptop is damaged, be it accidental or just down to hard wear and tear, that it’s time to get a new laptop. Wether people assume that it’s because the screen cannot be repaired, or because the cost of a screen replacement will exceed that of a new laptop… We can’t be certain, But one thing that is certain is that screen replacement is inexpensive with the right repair company!

Penarth Computers offer a 48 hour turn around on screen replacement services, and can even lend you a laptop during this period! We understand how inconvenient it can be to not have access to email and other online services for such a long period of time, and therefore our laptop loan service is available free of charge on all repair work carried out.

The average cost of a replacement screen job is around £130.00. Our fee includes 2.5 hours labour in order to remove the existing screen, fit the new replacement and dispose of any old parts safely and economically. The cost of the screen can vary depending on the age of the laptop, manufacturer and also wether it is a new/ used part that is being fitted.

Dont panic! We are here to help… We offer a no fix no fee policy and offer free consultation/ quotations on all repairs. If the cost of your repair is to high, then you can walk away with no fee incurred whatsoever. Contact us today on 02920 219088 / 07974 717 174 or email us at support@penarthpc.com to get your laptop repaired today.

Buyers Guide to Laptops (2011): An Honest Summary

This morning, I logged onto our Penarth Computers Facebook and noticed a deal for 50% Off a Samsung RV5-10AF Laptop at “Stone” (a company I have never heard of). Original price £718.00 reduced to £359.00. Then I noticed something, Intel Dual Core T3500 Processor, a Celeron processor first introduced over 3 years ago.

Before I continue, let me summarize processors in today’s market (2011). The processor is the ‘brain’ of the computer, it’s the one component that cant be changed/ upgraded. Currently, there are two manufacturers of processors for laptops, Intel & AMD. Intel have the upper hand in the current market, their processors perform better, faster and for a longer period of time. Their latest technology is the quad core processor, the product range is titled the i3 i5 & i7 (sometimes called the iSeries). These processors are from todays marketplace and todays technology, meaning they are new to this year. The ‘Celeron’, ‘Pentium’  & ‘Intel Core 2 Duo’ processors are the old generation of processors, those that have been around for anything upto 3 years previously.

The easiest way to summarize processors is in 5 levels from low to high (1= Low & 5 = High)

Level 1: Celeron (From £230.00 – £399.00)
Level 2: Pentium (From 299.00 – £399.00)
Level 3: i3 (From £350.00 – £499.00)
Level 4: i5 (From £450.00 – £699.00)
Level 5: i7 (From £599.00 – £1299.00)

To explain the situation with the ‘Groupon’ deal through “Stone”  as simply as possible, this laptop is an old model and at it’s original price of £718.00, the company should be shut down for adding over 300% markup to a product. Reduced to £359.00 it’s not so bad, you can pickup a Celeron processor in PCWORLD stores for anything between £250.00 to £399.00. However, if you were not aware of the levels of processors and their prices, you could very easily pay the £359.00 for a laptop that has come to the end of it’s market lifetime, and when companies like “Stone” are misleading customers by adding 50% Off to a massively overpriced product to begin with, it’s no wonder why they sold all 357 of these laptops within 24 hours of advertising with Groupon.

It’s disgusting that a company can mislead customers like this with the use of such voucher schemes that are designed to save people money, not mislead them. My advice to anyone buying a laptop is, get yourself an Intel i3 processor at the very least! They are in the same price range as the Celeron and Pentiums that have been around for years already, so why waste your money buying an old model product when you can get a current, better performing and better value product for the same price.